Dr Rupert Ransford MRCGP MD FRCP

Stomach and Bowel Specialist

One of Herefordshire's leading Consultant Gastroenterologists

Are you experiencing unusual symptoms such as, abdominal pain, diarrhoea or blood in your poo? Do you think you may have a stomach, bowel or digestive disorder that needs checking out and you wish to see a Private Health Care specialist? Has your doctor suggested you may have a disorder such as Coeliac Disease or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and should see a Gastroenterologist?

Dr. Rupert Ransford is one of Herefordshire's leading specialist Consultants in stomach, bowel and digestive disorders. Based at the Nuffield Hospital in Hereford, Dr. Ransford is the doctor to talk to, at the request of your GP, if you are worried about any condition that affects your gullet, stomach, small bowel, colon, liver or pancreas.

This website explains how Dr. Ransford can help you in the first place and is designed to provide you with more information once your disorder has been diagnosed. You will also find details about the investigative procedure you may have to undertake such as an endoscopy or colonoscopy and diet advice that may help you cope with your condition.

Dr. Ransford has over ten years' experience as an established Gastroenterologist in Hereford

Passionate about his field of medicine, Dr. Ransford provides a caring, professional and up to date service at Nuffield Hospital in Hereford (for more information about Dr. Ransford's credentials, click here). He is also the only nationally accredited Bowel Cancer Screening Colonoscopist for Herefordshire (For more information, click here). He also specialises in telescope examinations of the bile ducts and pancreas (ERCP) (For more information, click here).

What can you expect when you visit Dr. Ransford for a consultation?

The aim of the initial consultation is to take a full and thorough history of your symptoms, including any family history, or previous investigations, that may be relevant. You will then be physically examined, particularly your abdomen, with a view to understanding the symptoms you are experiencing. An explanation of the possible causes is discussed with you along with options for further investigation and management. Your consultation will normally last for about half an hour and you will have a clear management plan for your condition by the end. Your General Practitioner (GP) is sent a full letter of the details of this consultation, so they will know exactly what is happening to you. You will also be sent the results of any further blood tests or investigations, and these can be discussed at future follow up appointments.

How do you get to see Dr. Ransford?

All patients, for their initial consultation, will need a referral from their General Practitioner (GP). Once Dr. Ransford has received your referral from your GP, a new patient consultation appointment will be made for you.

Further follow up appointments can be made within twelve months of the initial consultation, if it relates to the same condition.

To book a further appointment please contact the outpatient booking team on 01432 262502.

(Please Note: You will need to contact your insurance company for authorisation for appointments, blood tests or any further investigations that may be required).

How much will it cost?

A new patient consultation with Dr. Rupert Ransford is charged at £150.00 with a review (follow up) consultation charged at £85.00.

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